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hello..i really you ris post.i am in a really delicate situation.i graduated last year with a masters and I am now working with an Atlanta based company. i lost my passport with an F1 visa in january..i have reapplied and hope to get it by july along with my 2nd opt card(17 month extension)..i want to go to india in august..i called the us embassy in chennai and they say I have to reapply for an F1 visa and it would be treated as a fresh application(i got to take the financial docs and other stuff)...I would greaty appreciate it if you would advice me if going to india with a blank passport is a risk..would my reapplication for an F1 visa be rejected..i still have 2 years left on my original visa..thanks a lot for your help..

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You should speak to an attorney or atleast speak to the immigration office at your school. They might be able to help out with a letter stating that you were a student with a valid F1 VISA. Have you reported to the Indian embassy that the passport was lost (I'm not sure if you have to report to the police).

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thanks a lot for your reply..i lost my passport in January and reapplied at once..i sent a police report and all the other doc to the indian embassy in just concerned that when i get my new passport and my stem extension ead card will i be able to travel to india and come back? they will apply for h1b only next year in my company. i dont want my f1 visa re-interview rejected bcos my studies are over and I am clearly coming to usa to work..

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