List of Employees - all employees on H1B ? An issue? - 221g veterans plz reply


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I have to submit a list of employees against 221g.

Now my employer is a desi IT consulting firm with has around 25 employees. 90% of the employees are on H1B. Can the consulate reject my H1B because of the high percentage of H1B with my employer?

Those who have gone through the 221g mess! and had a similar situation like me and submitted the notarized list of employees please post your experience. Thanks in advance for taking the time to reply to my message.

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I dont think the reason for rejection would be since most of the employees are on H1.. This is based on my assumption - I 1st got 221g in 2009, EC model (Employer is a recruiting firm - so most of employees are on H1 or other work visa depending on country of origin).. I was asked to submit this employee list notarised.. Got visa approved that time 2.5 mths after my interview..

Based on this - I am assuming no. of H1 holders in ur company should not have any impact on approval / rejection.

Hope this helps.

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