Urgent: Different I-94 numbers on 797 and passport


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Hi All,

I need your quick help on my situation.

I have different I-94 numbers on my 797 (H1 extn approval petition) and on my passport (I-94 card attched to paasport at airport).

This is due to below reason:

I travelled out of US on 17th April'2010 and back to US on 3rd May'2010. I got new I94 till Aug'2010 (till my original petition valid date) while entering US . I intiated H1 extn with old I-94 details through my employer few days before my travel and it was filed with USCIS on 11 May 2010. So I got H1 extn till March'2012 with old I-94 number on it. And on my passport I have new (different) I-94 number.

Now I am planned to go india and should go for visa stamping.

Is there any issue during visa stamping at Indian consulate and at PoE while returning back to US

Please help with your advice in this situation

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I was in the exact situation couple of years back and based on my research (at that time) and my experience... you shouldn't have any issues. After that, I traveled to India last month. When I left US, I submitted both my I94 cards (the one I got at port of entry and the one with the I797 with old I94 number) and did not have issues during stamping or at the port of entry.

Here is my earlier posting related to this:


Things keep changing, so call USCIS and discuss the situation and get it clarified with them.

Good luck.


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