Need Urgent Suggestion! Please help H4 Visa stamping


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Hi Guys,

I am on H1B visa with the same employer for past 4 and half years, and my wife on H4, She recently went to India, due to some family issues, We got 1st H1B visa stamping done in Nov 2009, and the Visa was valid till Sep 31st 2010, My oompany filled my H1B exension, and me and my wife got exension approved till Sep 2013. Now I got an offer from a new employer and they are filling my H1 transfer by next week. My wife wants to come back to USA now, but she needs to get Visa stamping done for my current employer.

My Question is

Can she go for H4 Visa stamping, while my H1B transfer is in proess, and

Can she use her H4B approved petiion at the POE.

Also should we wait for H4 Visa stamping till I get my new approved H1B Transfer, and start working for new employer, then till wah ime I should wait for her to go for stamping, if that is the case , then how many paystubs she needs to show for the new employer, for Visa approval.

JoeF Ponneviioo Please respond!

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