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i received a case update for my wife and I that the card is sent to production order. My wife went for her FP Aug 9th and saw the apporval on Aug 12th.

Below were my statistics:

PD : EB2, Feb '07.

I-485 : Aug '07

Spouse 485 - July 10th, FP : Aug 9th

Final approval Aug 12th for both.

The reason I am putting this is to encourage other people who are still waiting for thier green cards. I was out of job for months and months after my LC. Moreover, my older company held my wages ( lumpsum amount) and then filed bankruptcy in '10. I filed DOL complaint which took year and half for the 1st resposne. In between I heard so many myths that being out of job so many months and my W2 hardly showing any income ( 35K) only for one particular year it would be a major problem. People told me to not even file to DOL as i would be exposed on my facts. Well, there is lot more but I just wanted to say believe in yourself and endure till the last moment.


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