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I came to India in may and went for stamping at kolkota consulte for h1b renwal stamping got orange 221g and after a month refusal letter from Kolkota consulate.

Did H1 transfer to new employer, approved, went for stamping in Chennai on 22nd august. Visa approved got passport on 26th.

Flied back to usa on 1st sep.

Completed 100 days in India.

so happy now. thanks murthy forum and memebers for all your Information.

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Same case, same timeline - only the outcome is different. When I went for a stamping to Chennai with a new H1B petition from a new American company, after standard questions, I was taken to a separate counter away from the main ones and grilled about my previous petition by an Indian guy (VFS?). Basically, there was a lot of pressure to sign something against my previous employer but I refused to do so because I had never had any problem and everything was genuine. So after a lot of coaxing and threatening, I was issued a 221(g) green with a note by the Visa officer that USCIS needs to confirm the revocation of the previous petition before they can look at my new petition. He returned all my documents.

My questions are as following:

- How can the consulate people harass and threaten someone and is there nothing we can do about it?

- I heard it will take 4-5 months for USCIS to confirm the revocation even if my previous employer requests for it.

- Do I just wait for the next 6 months or is there some other workaround? I was clearly told that they had no issues with my qualifications or my current petition.

Experts, please HELP!

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Thank you for responding. I guess in my case, the Indian VFS guy was getting agitated because I did not agree to what he was proposing. But since everything was genuine, I did not have a choice. I did offer to withdraw my previous petition but they did not agree to that. Just my bad luck, I suppose.

But your response does give me some perspective and hope. Thanks again!

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Can you let me know your email Id or contact no. I may fall in to the same category. I have a new H1 visa interview scheduled in Hyderabad at Nov 22nd, while the old one was pending(221G Blue form) in chennai. When i emailed the chennai consulate to withdraw my old petiton they are asking me to come in person on thursday at 2.00Pm . I think this is also to sign some thing against old employer(My employer is Genuine and I have an approved I-140 from them).

Kindly let me know your contact email id or phone no. My email id can be found in my profile.it's lmuchnantula and a ****** account. Looking forward to talk to you.

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I could not find your email id on your profile and it got edited in your post.

I think it is standard procedure with Chennai consulate that you need to go in person, on a Thursday, to withdraw your pending petition. They will need a written, sworn statement about why you want to withdraw your petition. If your employer is genuine, and they pressurize you to sign something against him, stand your ground and give it in writing that your employer is genuine. But do give the sworn statement. I wasn't aware of the procedure at all and it cost me my visa.

Good luck!

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