H4 Visa approved but have to wait 2 weeks


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Today(07/07/2011) my wife attended H4 interview @ Chennai. This was her second H4 stamping. I applied her I-539 for renewal but had to travel and her petition at USCIS is still under process. So she used my latest I-797(valid until 04/14). I am a Full-time employee at a small company.No EVVC,EVC or EC models

Questions asked(in no particular order):

1. Is your husband in US?


2. Can you show me your marriage certificate?


3. Can you show his recent pay stubs?


4. Is he working at Bank of America?

No. The pay stubs were generated by BofA.

5. Can i take a look at your I-539 petion receipt notice?


After some deliberation and conversation with colleagues he said "You have been granted Visa and should receive your passport in about 2 weeks".

Officer said that after some "verification" she will receive the passport.

By reading some of the posts in this forum i really hope she receives PP by two weeks.

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Is there anyone in same boat? When they say two weeks, do they really mean two weeks?

I really dont understand when the VO says "Your Visa has been approved nad you will receive your passport in about two weeks after "verification"?

I interpret it as a conditional approval. But the whole process really takes a toll.

Please share similar experiences and the outcome.


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Today my wife got confirmation that her passport is ready for pick up at VFS Chennai.

After seeing so many posts that even after approval visa was being delayed, i was very much worried. I believe I am very lucky to have her Visa arrive within 4days.

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