I485 RFE


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I'm on Greencard EAD at the moment and I've got Greencard RFE a weeke ago. Below are the questions asked.

1. G-325A

2. I131

3. I485 supplement J


I took care of I31 and my employer takes care of I485J.

I've a question about G-325A.


I've worked 2 jobs in parallel being on EAD so I was just wondering if it is okay to present that information in G325A or If I need to skip it and only present the employer who has sponsored by Greencard.  Main objective would be to make sure I do not end up RFE again or any kind of denails.


I’m hesitant to put the 2nd job detail on G325A as my employer’s attorney may see it and raise a red flag on it.


I'd appreciate if someone can please provide an advise on this. Thanks!

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