H1B RFE - specialty Occupation -LCA Computer system Analyst


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So what is the RFE about in detail? Did they question how your education relates to this position or whether the position qualifies as specialty occupation?

If its about your education, if you have computer science background, you can detail each subject that you had during the course and how you apply that knowledge in your day to day activity.

Expert opinion lettercould also help.

But if the RFe is about the position then your employer have to defend with more details about the position and the work.

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Any similar case like me .. below info will be helpful to respond to the RFE.

1.  Full descriptive client letter -mentioning the complex work .

2.  Any complex requirement document which says the name (applicant name).

3. Sample code with complex scenarios handled and screen shot.

4. Expert opinion letter -Position evaluation

5. Match the subject studied with work assignments .  


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