Changing jobs while waiting for physical green card


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Hi all,

I have been a pending-AOS parolee for four years, and have used my EAD throughout for showing work authorization. Now, I am switching jobs next week, and was planning to present my EAD as proof of work authorization. However, I got an email saying that my Green Card has been approved, and that I should expect it in the mail in about ten days. Now, is it possible for me to still present the EAD when I start my new job? The EAD was issued on the premise of a pending I-485, which is no longer the case since the I-485 has been approved. Does that invalidate the EAD immediately, or is there some time for which the EAD can still be used? It is unlikely that the green card will show up before the start date. If it indeed does not show up, what can I do? Can I go to a USCIS field office and request a I-551 stamp? I am guessing that they might not 'like' that I am changing jobs, since it is an employment-based petition, but then, I am pretty sure that the job change is 'covered' by AC21 regulations.

In addition to all this, the case status of my case on the USCIS website still shows 'Pending' even though I got an email from the USCIS saying that the case has been approved!

Your thoughts would be appreciated.



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