Will recent F1 denial affect H4 application?


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I have a b1/b2 visa which I used to attend my sister s convocation in 2015.

In 2018 January I got a F2 visa and was living with my husband in the US.

In August 2018, I applied for F1 twice and was denied with 214(b) slip.

During the first interview the VO asked about my husbands job, if was a housewife in he US, and about my previous degree ( I have a masters degree in dentistry) and then she said I don’t qualify for F1. During the second interview the VO pointed out that have an active F2 and that I already have a master degree and said that I don’t qualify for F1.

My Husband status is changing from F1 to H1B , so Iam planning to appear for the interview in India with him.

1) will my recent rejections affect my H4 , since Iam appearing for another visa class within a months duration?

2) my F2 expires in September 2018, and in case Iam denied H4 will I be able to travel on b1/b2 ?

thank you 

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