experts opinion - PD current - need to travel out of country (India)


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my PD is June 27, 2006. Current as of May 2011 bulletin

FP status: once in 2007

485 Status: Initial Review

Since the PD is current i am not sure my travel plans will have any implications on the GC processing.

I have a valid AP.

Questions -

- Is it okay to be out of country when the PD is current

- If i get the approval while i am out of country, can i come back using the AP

- If i just get the welcome letter (not the GC)before i leave the country, can i come back using the AP

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You can travel abroad with your AP.

If the GC gets approved while you are abroad, you can board the plane with the AP, and at the POE, you would have to tell the officer that your GC got approved.

If your GC gets approved before you travel, the AP would be invalid, and you actually would have to get the GC in hand or an I-551 stamp from the local CIS office.

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