F1(opt) out of status transferring to H4.help.pls


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I just came to know the 90 days rules for OPT before filing for H4 recently.I have not found a job since my OPT started in Aug, 2010. My husband is on h1b since 2005.

1. So am I out of status for more than 6 months? My I-94 shows expiration date “D/Sâ€. Does that mean I am not Out of status legally? My school may very like still have my status as OPT. International office did not tell me anything about 90 days rules even I asked them related questions.

2. Must I leave us and get my H4 visa at the US Consular in my own country? That is what I am told and suggested. Seems it is very hard to get approval for transfer in US.

3. If I leave us and apply for visa in my own country, will it possible and how likely the visa officer will claim that I was out of status during my F1(OPT) and deny my visa because of that.

4. How urgent for me to leave? Does it make a difference to leave in 3 days or in 1 month?

Many Thanks . Please advise. I am so worried now and become sleepless.

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