Got new I94 by defered inspection by CBP office while L1B extension application is in RFE status (Applied as per old I94 expiring in May2011)


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I came in US on L1B in 2010 at that time I got I94 till end of my Visa that is till May2011.

My employer filed L1B extension in the month of May 2011 as my Visa and I94 was getting expired.

However while correcting immigration status of my Kid at CBP office they gave me new I94 which is valid till 2013

saying that I got incorrect I94 when I entered in US and we have updated new date in our system.

When I went to SSN office the officer said new I94 date is not reflected in their System.

When I again verified at CBP office they are saying latest dates are updated in System and I am good in US till 2013.

1) Recently my L1B extension petetion has turned into additional verification required status shall I withdraw the petetion?

2) Will it make effect on my History?

3) Till what date I can stay?

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