Allowed stay after extension denial

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Hi - I am a new member and need some guidance. My H1B I94 expired on July 27 2017. In April 2017, my employer filed for H1B extension. I received 1st RFE in July to which I responded in August 2017. I received a 2nd RFE in Oct 2017, to which I replied on Dec 10th 2017.

On March 3rd 2018 , I checked USCIS site and noticed that on Feb 28th 2018 USCIS has DENIED the extension request. My employer is yet to get the notice explaining the reason for the same. Now my employer is asking me to wrap up everything and leave US by 18th March and mentioned that if I stay longer than it will impact my future entry into US.  However, I need some more time (at least till Mar 24) to leave the country - still need to settle all household things/Car/Medical follow ups/etc.

Is there really a difference if I leave on 18th versus 24th. How much stay is too much? What's the threshold after which my case will be a considered as 'RED' category and impact any new visa petition/GC for me? If its really an issue i will leave on 18th but what's the true situation. 

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