H1b RFE after approval due college accredation loss


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Hello All,

I graduated from a university on Dec 31st 2016 and applied H1b in Masters quota in April 2017 and it got approved in December 2017. Now in Feb 2018 I received an RFE saying that the candidate studied university lost accreditation on Dec 12th 2016 and he graduated on Dec 31st 2016. So USCIS is intent to revoke my H1b due to college accreditation loss. Please share your thoughts on my h1b and help me on what documents do I need submit from university to USCIS. 

Can I apply one more h1b now in April 2018 in Genaral quota? Does is again causes any problem?





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That H1 was approved in error. For the Master's quota, the degree has to be from an accredited public or private non-profit university.

Why did the company even file in the Master's quota?

Anyway, the H1 will get revoked, and likely retroactively, which means you could be considered illegal since it was approved.

You need to consult with a good immigration lawyer ASAP. But I believe you have to leave the country and you may have a hard time getting another H1.

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