B2 visa, while I 130 is pending


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I was working in US on H1B visa and my extension was denied recently so I had to come back to India. My husband is in US and he is a GC holder. He applied I 130 for me last year and it’s status is pending. It may take more than one year for me to get green card. 

I want to apply for visitor visa as our wedding anniversary is coming up. I am currently working in India. Is it possible to get visitor visa, as my I 130 is pending.

Please suggest!!!

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I have applied for visitor visa on May 2nd and it was rejected. I took three weeks leave from my job and had leave approval documents. Interviewer asked me if I had quit my job in India. I told him I just want to celebrate my wedding anniversary and come back to India to resume my job, as I was working for the same company for past 11 years. But he was not convinced. He said I was not qualified under that category.

can I reapply again? Please suggest

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As Noah said, "probable, no."

Applying again without a change in circumstances would just result in another denial. The officers have all the information about the current denial, so without something significantly changing, it is not likely that the outcome would be different.


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