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Hello sir/mam

I have few doubts regarding my visa . Right  now I'm on f2 visa would like do masters and wanted to change my status to F1 as my husband is on Initial opt working for X company as well as he's planning to apply for H1 Visa in this month .

Couple of doubts on Changing status:

1. I already have couple of rejections on F1 when I was in india trying to get student visa will this affect now if I apply for status change from F2-F1

2. At a  time can we apply for both H4 and F1 . 

3. If my husband h1 gets approved how long will it take for i140 to get approved. 


"PLEASE HELP ME OUT WITH THESE DOUBTS AND LET ME KNOW THE BEST WAY TO PROCEED" Any reply for these post will help me a lot to get out of 100 questions running in my mind.

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1. You have slim chances of getting F1 approval.  Because your spouse is applying for H1B which is a immigrant intend and whereas F1 is totally a Non-Immigrant intend category.

2, To apply for F1, you need to show strong ties with home country and also sufficient funds to complete your studies.

3. Yes, you can apply for H4 and F1 at a time, but you will be wasting money on one of the application.

4. I140 approval depends on how sooner your husband's employer start his green card processing.  Usually it takes between 9 months and 2 years to get I-140 once green card process started, if there are no audits and RFEs.


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