Correspondence Was Received And USCIS Is Reviewing It

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Hi ,  

I Have applied my H1B visa on June 12 2017 and I got the RFE receipt from USCIS on Dec 8 2017 as staing that provide additional documents before mar 04 2018 Attorney submitted the documents on feb 19 2018 and they received on Feb 21 208 and the same day they sent deneil notice to my attorney you have responded late your actual date to respond for rfe is Jan 18 2018 but it’s n’t the actual date.My attorney got deneil notice on feb 26 2018 same day my attairney sent request to the USCIS its a system error my actually date to respond to the rfe is mar 04 2018 not Jan 18 2018.

on same day the status got changed to below status 

Correspondence Was Received And USCIS Is Reviewing It

On February 22, 2018, we received your correspondence for Form I-129


  • Request for Additional Evidence Notice was mailed

My attorney saying that Iam not allowed to work until we got the receipt notice from USCiS as your deneil notice got revesrsed.


my question is can we assume they reconsiderd my case since the status got changed in USCIS .If yes will USCIS send reply notice to my attorney for reversing my deneil?

If yes how many days it would take to get receipt notice to continue my work.


if I did nt get response notice from them can I convert the same file into premium processing ?


please help me on this 


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