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Here is the situation.. Started GC process (EB-3) with company-A (2k5). Moved to company-B on EAD about couple of years back but AC21 was never filed. Recently came to know that Company-A was sold to antoher company about year and half back. Did not speak to that new company yet on status of my GC process (as it was filed with Comp-A), but without involving current company-B to in GC process and all what is the best way to make sure that the process run smooth/upgrade to EB-2 (if recomended at all).

Not sure, if this helps but I have have H1-B which is valid till 2012.

Thanks in advance


Thank you in advance


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Hi Belle,

Thank you very much for your reply. Incase if I file AC21 first and then having the new company (or AC21 filed company) file (or request to promote EB3 to) EB2, will that be possible?


1. Is there any maximum salary limitation for EB3 category applicants?

2. What is the approx %age change of acceptable change in pay from the initial filing#

3.What should one do if the filing pay & current pay has considerable difference?

Thank you again.

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