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I work fulltime directly with the client as a remote/virtual employee and I work from home. My immigration guy says whenever I change my address they need to file a H1 amendment since my home is my work address, is that true? I thought filing a AR-11 form is enough since my employer is the same and I do the same job and only my address is changed but they insist that an H1 amendment need to done if I change my address. I was thinking of filing the AR-11 form myself without telling my employer/immigration if I change the address, is that a good idea? - TIA

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Since you are remote employee, your current home address would have been listed as primary work location on your LCA.  Anytime you move to a new address and if this address doesn't fall under the same MSA, your employer has to file for H1B Amendment with the new work location. Logic is quite simple - prevailing wages almost always differ by region and uscis needs to know that the employer is paying the prevailing wages at least

Your employers' immigration team is obviously well aware of what needs to be done.

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