221g issued at Delhi consulate while going for restamping


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Hello all,

My story is this,

I came to India for vacation wherein I was supposed to submit my H1 extension stamping for Dropbox. Which I did on 27th November.

Later I was issued a 221g for fingerprints and asked to visit the embassy for getting it done. 

I went into the embassy on December 11th where I was informed that along with fingerprints I’ll have to appear for an interview as well (which wasn’t mentioned in my initial 221g). 

Post interview where I was asked generic questions around my job role (work with one of the Big4 audit companies in California) and job description (work in the area of Cybersecurity). I was told my 221g might be due to me falling in the ‘technology alert list’  

I was issued another 221g with a list of documents requested like resume, past and current experience, job offer letter etc. I submitted these documents on the same day via email as requested. 

Today, it has been 61 days and my status still shows 11 December, the date of my interview as the last update  

Please suggest anything that I can do to get any information around my case I know 221 is a black hole but I’ve been losing out on my pay and work for the last two months and the wait seems endless  



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@R221g Hi, Sry to hear abt your 221G. Just a small suggestion from my end. when will your petition is going to expire ? if its expire in another six month and you are eligible to file extension, pls ask your employer to file it for an extension. once its approved you can schedule a new appointment and can go to stamping again. it will not impact your current 221g. Again am not an attorney, am also in the same boat and following the steps what i suggest you. 

Gud luck !


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