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Currently with Company A, I have H1B validity till 12/2020 (6 years completed and have approved I-140). 

But Company B offered permanent job ,If I have H4EAD.

So If I have to apply for change of status from H1B to H4EAD and once H4EAD gets approved , what happens to the H1B ?

If in future h4ead gets revoked, when I apply for change of status from H4EAD to H1B, will I get a new H1B with new validity dates or the previous H1B dates 12/2020?

Also do you think it's a good idea to switch from H1B to H4EAD ?



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H4EAD is a very sensitive topic at this time around because of reform pending and legislation being "re-worded".

First, You can move back from H4EAD to H1B anytime you want as long as you have a valid petitioner. I have seen, many who have done this.

Second, when you move back from H4EAD to H1B AND since you I140 approved , you will get a NEW validity of 3 years.

Third, my personal opinion, I would not move back my statuses at given times of immigration reforms being butchered around

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