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I have travelled india for family emergency and attended for H-1B visa stamping interview at Chennai consulate office on December 19, 2017 this is my 4th visa stamping in last 13 years. For the first time at the end of the interview, I have received 221(g) notice and my passport was returned to me. The 221(g) notice did not ask for any additional documentation from me.

My wife is in US along with my daughter and she is in 3rd trimester of her 2nd pregnancy.

Please let me know options to expedite as its more than 45 days now as my  wife needs assistance..

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The only suggestion I can provide that ask for local help in USA where you live, this 221G is the worst nightmare can happen to any one...it may take two weeks to forever to clear out.......don't worry you are still not considered as out of status....you visa is on hold not the I797 is cancelled, DOS and USCIS are two different governing bodies.....in some instances DOS may recommend USCIS to review and possible revocation of your I797. H1B Visa is just to allow you to enter the USA and I797 is your actual status in USA.

Wish you all the very best and try to reach out to your friends here in family. Not sure where your family lives in USA but let me know if I may be able to help you in anyways.

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