Project ended when H1B Transfer in Progress and 60 day grace period eligibility

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I was employed with Company A in H1B until 18th Sep 2017 with a approved petition and I94 valid till 17 May 2018. I joined Company B and did H1B transfer on 23th Sep 2017. This H1B transfer is still in progress. But the project that I was working with Company B has ended on Jan 29th 2018.

My previous employer "A" has revoked my petition already and also my current employer "B" will revoke my "in progress" H1B transfer petition soon. I have below questions.

1. If my employer B revokes the petition, will I be immediately going out of status ? or When I will be out of status ?
2. Do I still have 60 days grace period from Jan 29th, even though my H1B transfer petition is not approved ? 
3. Since I have a valid I94 till May 2018, can I still do another H1B transfer within this period ? 
4. If yes, what are the chances that it gets approved or goes to consular processing ?
5. Is there a timeline before which I need to do another H1B transfer in regular processing, instead of doing it in consular processing ?
6. When do i need to go out of the country ?

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