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My husband is currently studying MBA from University of Rochester. We got married on 10 March 2016 in a small temple in vrindavan, UP. We got married in a hurry and couldn't get our marriage registered that time. So in June 2016, after he got the admission, he travelled on F1 while I travelled on B1/B2 which I already had as I was pursuing PhD from Delhi and I had to return by November for my thesis submission. I returned in November 2016 and submitted by thesis by January 2017 and travelled back to USA on January 26th 2017. Now I was told by my university that my viva for my PhD will be help in may-june. So I though I have enough time and can come back before 6 months but while I was in US, I got to know that my Viva is in October hence I applied for F2 in US in May 2016, it took time because I was collecting all the documents (my.marriage was not registered, so first I got it registered from Indian embassy, New York and then applied for F2 visa). After applying for F2 visa and waiting for 6 months i.e till October, I had to travel back for my PhD viva. Till that time, my F2 visa was under process. I came in October for my viva and then travelled back to US in November just for one month as I had to come back for PhD degree award (convocation) in December. When I was returning to US in January, I was told by the US border and security officer that my F2 visa has been cancelled as I travelled outside of country and he gave me 1 month permission to stay in US and then come back to India to apply for F2 visa. I came back in January 2018 and applied for F2 visa but the interviewer at consulate rejected the visa saying I have overstayed in US and I was staying there withy husband and I am not eligible for F2. My husband has 6 months of study left and we have taken loan so he wants to work for 2-3 years to pay off loan and then come back to India. What should I do now?

I was to stay withy husband. Can I apply for F2 again. If yes, how should I convince the interviewer?

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