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Hi All,

I am applying for my mothers visa and have gone threw few threads about rejection, so i want to make sure i follow the right approach, any suggestions and help would be really helpful as i am confused.


Applying for my mothers visa as my wife is pregnant and has health issues and doctor suggested someone to stay with her, and as i have to go to office everyday, my mother can stay with her.


my parents have 2 sons and both are in USA, we regularly travel to India every now and then, my father is working but has no income.
My mom is house wife, has 7-8 lakhs as bank balance, and holds a property jointly with me and my brother, she gets about 20,000 rs as rental income in her bank account from this property
I am applying for my mothers visa only, as my father cant take a long leave and also has back pain so wont travel for 24hrs flight.
I am planning to apply with me sponsoring the trip for my mother (as she has no major income source and bank balance)

Suggestion required

1. Is me sponsoring the trip better or my mother sponsoring would help (in my situation)
2. Should i apply for my fathers visa too, even if he is not travelling (not applying helps show ties back in India, vs applying if the visa officer doesnt see the whole case have a risk of misinterpretation of why my father not travelling together being an issue)
3. The purpose of travel is shown purely tourism, does adding health concerns of my wife help.
4. Any other suggestions to make the case a little stronger would be really helpful

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First off, you don't apply for your mother, she applies on her own. And there is no sponsoring for visitor visas. Paying for the trip is not sponsoring.

Second, while a visitor can provide moral support, a visitor is not allowed to help in the household. The Consular officer could see the situation as suspicious, presuming that your mother would do more than providing moral support.

I suggest you discuss the situation with a good lawyer.

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