Can my Husband Revoke my H4?


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Hello All,  My husband h1-b is expiring in April 2018. I am on H4 visa. Our 10 years of marriage is falling apart. I want to stay with him to make things right but I do not know if he will renew my visa along with his.

Could someone please let guide me or suggest me if my husband has the right to not file my H4 visa? Can he ask his employer to not file for my visa while renewing his H-1b visa?  If he does that, what are my option or what can I do apart from shifting or moving back to India? I do not even have money to even take a lawyer help. I contacted NGOs but could not get a clear answer... Please help me and I really appreciate the help/suggestion provided in advance...

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You are staying as a dependent, so you have to rely on your husband's H1.  You can file for H4 along with his H1 petition.  To be on safe side, find a job and ask employer to file your H1 in April.  Otherwise, talk to your husband and work out things.  It take years to build but a second to break.

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