Will I be out of status


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Hello Friends. 


I was laid off in mid November from my employer A. 

-- A new employer B which is a BIG IT vendor filed for my transfer the next day and i have an RFE for that. I was told that the last date to respond to that RFE is Feb 15.

-- The client cancelled the project  So i was not able to join Employer B . Employer will only respond to my RFE if am working for him. 

-- In the mean time I found a new employer C Full time and is in process of filing my transfer from employer A. I did not tell my scenario to this new company as i might put my self in to a difficult situation. 


My question is Can I still stay legally in USA after 60 days as my petition is in process. 

My new employer will file the transfer but that might cross 60 days by the time he sends my petition to USCIS. What are my options. 

Note:- My i94 is valid till May 2018


Any guidance is greatly appreciated. 

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11 hours ago, H1B_visa123 said:

Yes, but what happens if i can't join employer B. Because the project which I was expected to get is cancelled. So Employer B will not on-board me any more now. 

Then employer B would have to withdraw the H1 petition, if the job no longer exists.

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