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Devendra pandey

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Following is my case :

 H1b extension was filed on Oct 17 2017. My designation was sr. software engineer. All the letters in the petition mentions my designation as Sr. Software Engineer(Level 2 LCA). Oct 29 promotions were announced  in my organization and i was promoted to Manager(Technical Lead role). December 21st an RFE was issued for the case. I dont have the exact RFE details as per my company policy, but my company has asked for experience letter for last 3 years.


Question : 

1.While responding to RFE my letters will denote my latest designation as Manager. Would that be a problem. It will be different from the original petition ?  I am currently transitioning to the new role and still execute part of my old responsibilities.Can experts on this forum comment on my question above. I wanted to know specifically if the promotion would cause any issues.




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Why would your experience letter's from your past 3 years have your current designation? Since this is an extension application, in all probability u were with this same employer for past 3 years or at least 2+ years. I don't really see a point in experience letter in that case but may be they are looking for a run down of your job role and responsibilities during the past 3 years, jotted down in your own words.

I would pose this question to your immigration attorney rather than here as they are the ones who decide on the approach and what makes sense.

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