L1 Process and H1 Combo - Please help !!


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Hello There,

Thanks for taking time to read this - Need some advice on the following questions if you may - Appreciate your support here (glad if you can put a brief comment for each one of them).

1) My friend is working for a service company in India - her company is willing to initiate L1A for her this month. She would be working in California.

     a) How long will it take to get it approved - processing times currently?

     b) How bright are the chances of her L1A being approved and Visa getting stamped in India?

     c) Does she needs to work from the Day 1 when she reaches the states for the company? (I mean after her SSN gets issued) - is it mandatory legally?

2) Can she apply for H1B on April 1st this year from the Same company once her L1A is approved or still in the processing???      If no, can she apply for H1b from a different company and once it is approved, can she opt for H1B instead of L1A?

3) If she goes to USA on H4 visa meanwhile (like in Feb), once her L1A gets approved, does she needs to come back to India for stamping or can she just change her status while staying in the states and start working for the company there itself?


Thanks for patiently reading and answering all these questions.




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