H4 EAD to F1-CPT


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Greetings from my end!!!
Wanted some inputs and recommendations on the below situation.
Current position: My spouse is on a H1B visa (with an approved I140) and i am on H4 Visa and has an EAD and is employed with a firm.

Future Plan: With the latest developments on DHS proposing to cancel the H4 EAD we were looking for back up options. One of the options we thought was joining a university and changing the status from H4 to F1 and getting a CPT as well. This will help me complete a masters degree and also provide with an authorization to continue working.
Path Forward: As part of the process of moving from H4 to F1 we need to get an I20 from college and then apply the I-539 to USCIS and once we get this approved we get into change of status for F1. I had the below questions with regards to this process.
1) When the I-539 is approved is the person then on H4 visa or F1 "Change of status"?

2) If the person is not on H4 status how can that person continue he/she continue her job till a CPT is approved from the university after which she can change from H4 EAD to F1-CPT at her office?

Thanks in advance for your response,

Basically i dont want a break in my job when i transition from H4 EAD to F1-CPT is it possible?

Thanks in advance for your response.

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