H4 stamping with previous Employer i797 while H1b is under transfer and currently in RFE?


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I moved from Employer A to Employer B with Employer B receipt notice. My H1 is under transfer (premium processing) and an RFE is requested from USCIS and my employer B yet to respond to RFE. My family went to India during H1 and H4 are in transfer to Employer B. I am looking to bring back my family to US.

Before moving to Employer B :
Employer A extended my petition and have i797 which is approved till May 2019 and its not revoked yet now. Both of our passports doesn't have valid visa as our initial visa with Employer A was given till AUG 2016.

Can my family go for h4 stamping with the following:

1. Employer A Approved i797 + Employer B Reciept Notice. Does this cause any issue.
2. If stamped and family travels back, does there would any problem at Port of Entry ?
3. If its Ok, does my family can go to any of consulates in India.

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