Grace period to search a new employment after the H1B transfer process denied


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I initiated transfer of my h1b from company-A to company-B and joined company-b on the receipt notice. The petition got denied after few months.
Please Note:- I have a valid I-94 till end of 2018 from company A and company-A have initiated my H1B revoking process . however it is in PENDING state at USCIS end.

I request you to help me to find the answers for the following questions
1. What will be the grace period to find a new job or change of employment  in  my case ?
2. If the grace period is 60 days  , Is it 60 days starting from the rejection day or 60 days starting when I quit  Company-A?
3. If above 2 are correct , can we use my Company-A H1B for next transfer process , in case I got a job

Thank you so much for your help !

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