Successful stamping at Chennai


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Yes, it meant employer, this company is consulting and software development house, so i told them same.

I carried all petition related docs, prev w2, pay stubs, exp letters, company docs ( brochures, market study folder) , education certs, for family wedding cert and birth cert.

Just before the finger printing, they verify the docs at one window, thats where they tool 797, 129, LCA and hdfc receipts, appointment letter, DS 160 confirmation letter, he than put all these in packet and gave it to me, than went for finger print, and than to visa interview where i gave the packet, other than this no documents were asked.

Good Luck

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Since your employer is a consulting firm and you are basically working for them and its an inhouse project, how did you justify your work or role. If I'm not wrong your work location would be your employers office and there is no client involved in this situation right ? I'm just trying to clear few things. So your answer for question, Will you be working at client site -- should have been a NO?

Can you elaborate what your answers were.

I'm in a position where I'm looking for employers with in house projects. I'm trying to narrow down employers with good reputation. Can you suggest what to look for ? I'm stuck with a 221g and planning to apply a new petition thru new employer soon. Could you please suggest. Thx.

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great. cograts. we like to see more such positive emails who got same day approvals.

hope the trend of 221g issuance shows huge decline.

a few queries: what is the exp letter? I presume you have some experience in India and this is what is stated in the exp letter.

also birth cert for your dependents or yourself?

your interview date late aug or early september?

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My employer is consulting and software development house ( so has offshore development center as well ) so they do have projects which needs to be executed from ODC and need people inhouse to manage them, btw i am hired as manager ( not developer ) 15+ exp.

My ans to if i will work at client site, was NO which is true.

Since i will be managing projects, so it wont be one specific client or project.

I hope i answered your questions, please do ask if any more questions or doubts.

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