Leave of Absence On H4 Visa --Urgent


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Hi all

I am currently working on H1B. I intend to apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA) for about 15 months with my current employer to pursue higher education. My spouse is working on h1B. I have been advised that I should apply for H4 visa during my LOA. I talked to the HR department of my employer and they indicated that during LOA, I will continue to be an inactive employee of the company and my employment letter will include LOA in my employment dates.

My question are

1) that can I be an employee (albeit inactive) with an H4 visa during period of LOA?

2) Will I have any issue getting back to H1B at the end of LOA just because I was technically an employee on H4 visa.

3) Will I have any issues if I have to travel to India and get H4 stamped during LOA period because I am technically an employee on H4 visa during LOA (even though I am not working nor getting paid)?

Appreciate anybody's experince with this.

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