Travel outside US when h1 and h4 extension is pending


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For me and my dependents have a valid visa and H1 approval until Aug 2018. But we got I94 only until Feb 2018 since my passport was expiring in Feb 2018. My company filed an H1 and H4 extension 6months before I94 expiry date. But now I need to travel outside US for 2 weeks in Oct first week.  Is there a problem if only ME travel outside? When I come back to US then I'll get a new I94 which will be valid till Aug 2018. Which creates any problem in my h1 or H4 extension process? Will I get an I-94 until the validity of new H1? Or I get I 94 only till Aug 2018? Please help. My question is will I get H1 and H4 approvals without any problem? What will be the I-94 validity which comes with the new I-797?  I read in some forums that h1 and h4 extension comes without I94 extension if I travel out side ?

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you probably have submitted copy of your latest I-94 for your extension application.

If you travel now you will get new I-94 number while coming back , you have to check with your employer if that creates any issue.

There is a possibility you might get consular processing as the I-94 you submitted for extension would be different than your current one (if you travel). Check with your company lawyer

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