H4 Visa stamping -- Chennai -- 221(g) Blue form -- Petition is not currently reflected in PIMS database


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I am reaching out to you on behalf of my wife.

She recently went to India and attended the H4 Visa interview at Chennai consulate. She has already got stamping once in 2008 when we first got married and this time is for the visa extension. (My H1 was extended in 2009 for 3 more years and I didn't get my new Visa stamp yet).

They have given her a 221(g) blue form and they checked an option which says

"Your petition is not currently reflected in PIMS database. Processing of the visa will be suspended until we can verify the petition details".

I am worried as she went to India alone. She has all the original documents of my I797, I129 etc. Fortunately, that blue form don't have any other option checked.

Did anybody go thru the same experience during the Visa extension stamping? Is there anything I should do from my side to help speed up the process?

Any guidance in this matter would be really helpful.

I apologize if you feel I posted my question in a wrong group.

Thank you very much for your help in advance.


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Hi Both

You need to talk with your employer and attorney to get your H1b PIMS updated on USCIS Database this process will take 48 hours for them to update your PIMS ones its done this will reflect in there KAnsas service centre (USCIS) and they will give yoyur wife the Visa

I894 is the application i think to update your PIMS information

Contact your attorney regarding this this PIMS is on your H1b application.

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Hi Padmachand11 and Aqua52,

Could you please let us know of any updates on your cases?

I have a similar case, I went for H4 extension in Chennai Consulate on 5th Dec 2011.

I was given a 221 g Blue Slip with only Additional Administrative Processing marked. Passport was given back and no additional documents were requested.

Please let me know how you are following up on your cases or if you have recieived any information from the consulate on your cases.

Any suggestions / guidance is appreciated.

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