Awaiting EAD and AP


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My dad is currently employed in the United States of America, and his employer filed for his Green Card. Our lawyers had told us that we would get our Advance Parole and EAD in 90 days time. Its been more than 104 days, and we still haven't received any EAD or AP. My current visa is L1 Blanket, and it will expire on October 2017, that gives me only one month time. I have to travel to India for some urgent matter next week. Can I still travel without my Advance Parole and EAD and when my parents comeback to India, they can give me my Advance Parole and EAD?


Please help.

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Hmm, you wouldn't be his dependent, unless you are under 21. or fall under the CSPA rules.

To be able to come back on AP, it has to be approved before you leave. If you don't have an approved AP when you left, and have no valid H or L visa, the I-485 is considered abandoned.


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