H4 Documents need to submit in Hyd VFS


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Hi my wife is going to attend for H4 visa in Hyd.

My question is, does my wife need to submit the Employer confidential documents @ VFS office or she need to carry Employer confidential documents @ the time of interview..

Kindly let me know what are the required list of documents need to submit in VFS as well as what are the documents list need to carry at the interview.

I really appreciate if any one have experience recently who attend for H4 @ Hyd & let me know the questions will be asked by the US consular @ the time of interview.

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My wife went for H4 stamping in HYD consulate couple of months back, she had to submit all documents prior to visa interivew, check the HYD US consulate site to get the latest list of documents.

Her interview went very smooth, she was asked general questions like location of the company and company name. She should carry W2,salary slips,employer letter as well as client letter if applicable.

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