Green Card processing on H1b


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My company  starting my green card process this year jan 2017 but till date my PERM application is not filled. I am on H1b Visa and validity of my h1b (6 years) is getting over on 30 sept 2018.

So my concern here is as per Green card policy process your PERM application should be filled before 365 days of H1 B visa expiry date and my visa is getting expired on Sep 30, 2018 (completing 6 years on H1-B Visa) so i just want to know whether it will include max-out date for H1-B in 365 days (including those days when I was physically outside of the U.S. to further extend my H1-B and few more months as I came late to USA even I got my H1-B visa on Sep 30, 2012) or not.If I will consider those months as i came late to USA in Feb 2013 then they will get 4 more months .
I will really appreciate if you could clear my doubts.
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