H1B Extension After I 140 Withdrawl


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         I am working with Company A and my I 140 has been approved on Feb 27, 2017. My 6 years in H1 in US is getting over on Oct 2017 and I have got an extension through Company A until Dec 2018. I have stayed for more than 180 days in Company A after I 140 approval.

Company B has now applied for H1 Transfer based on my approved I 140 from company A. I will be joining Company B after the Transfer is approved. But I am no sure when will  Company B start the GC Processing. Also Company A will withdraw the I 140 once I move to company B

My question here is... Will I be able to use my withdrawn I 140 from company A to do multiple H1 Extensions in Company B? (After 9 years as well). Is there any time limit by which Company B has to apply for GC for my stay to go beyond 9 years?

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