My PD 19-AUG-2008 :EB-2 documents needed for approval

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My priority date 08/19/2008  is open under EB2 category (Final Action date) for India but I was submitted my I-485 on 05/31/2016 which is more than a year.

I did get my EAD on 9/10/2016.

 My medical test (Form –I 693) was done on 23rd MAY-2016 which is 15 months.

 Please let me know what are the additional documents you  need from me to process my green card.

 Do I need to put a request or fill an application to approve my green card?

 Shall I schedule an appointment using Info pass?

How long it will take  to get a physical green card?

How do I get my green card?

Please advise.


Thanks & regards,




Past History:

My concurrent filling was (I-140/I-485)  on 31st MAY-2016 when priority date(08/19/2008) was current/open under EB2 category for India.

My I-140 was approved on15th JUN-2016 based on my concurrent filling on 31st MAY -2016..

I had received I-485 non-acceptance letter from USCIS on 28th JUN -2016 due to USCIS’s mistake.

On 24- JULY-2016, I resubmitted I-485 with an evidence that application was filed before 31st MAY-2016 and that letter was USCIS 's administrative error.

On 03-AUG-2016, I had received a letter from USICS that they had accepted my I-485 filling  and acceptance date as on 31-MAY-2016.

On 24-AUG-2016, I got an appointment for BIOMETRIC/ Finger prints

On 10-SEPT-2016, I had received an  EAD card at Home



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