N400 Application- Extra Space needed/Paper required


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I know it may sound a little trivial, but  I thought it would be a good idea to get expert opinion. I am in process of filling up N400 form and had few questions:

1) my travel details do not fit in the space provided in the N-400 form. I did over 10 trips ( 4 day each) out of country in last 5 years. The space is provided to enter only 6 ( Time outside United States).  I have entered remaining details on extra sheet of paer ( with my name , A # etc ). Should this paper be attached to the end of the N-400 form or should I place it within the form ( after the page, which has Part 9. Part 9 is  on page 7, so I am planing to place to the papersheet after page 7)

2) for those boxes, which are not applicable ( like middle name, information about previous spouse  name, date of marriage etc) - Is it advisable to leave it blank or put N/A?

3) In part 10 ( Information about your marital History)- The question asked is :

    a) How many times have you been married ( including annulled marriage, marriage to other people and marriage to same person)-  What should be answer for this for those applicant who have only one marriage ( no separation, no divorce , no annulment, no deaths) . I am presuming it should be 1


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