Withdraw H1B Extension and re-file for a different client

Hema Reddy

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This is Hema. Can you please help me taking a decision on switching client. My I-94 is expiring soon and I have to take a decision in one or two days. Below is my case.

I am currently working in EVC model through my employer A to client C.

My I-94 is expiring on Sep 07 2017. My employer has already filed my H1-B extension using Vendor letter, client email and ID card. However, I am a little worried as my end client is a government agency and they cannot provide client letter.

Between, I got another opportunity from client D, who is ready to provide direct contract to my employer (EC model). Client D is going to complete their paperwork today and they are ready to provide a client letter as well.

My employer saying that he can withdraw my current h1-B extension and file a new extension in two days  (LCA is already done for client D's location).

1. Can my employer withdraw my current h1-B extension and file a new petition for client D's location?

2. Can we fie a new extension petition for client D and then withdraw the existing extension petition (filed for client C)?

3. Withdrawing my current h1-B extension has any negative impact on my newly filed extension (for client D)?

4. Does this process impact my I-94?

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