Urgent Help: H1B Transfer before Oct 1st?


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Hi All,

I have been applying for H1B the last 3 years but got it picked only this year and it's approved as well. I am working for a well-known client A as contractor and now they are offering full time. I don't want to miss this opportunity but the same time have concerns and questions on H1B Transfer. Can any of you please advice on what should be done. Thanks in Advance and below are my questions:

1) Since H1B starts from Oct 1st,  I have been reading various posts saying not to transfer before oct 1st and wait for few pay checks on H1B. Is this true? If yes, how many pay checks do I need? My current employer's pay check is weekly, so please consider that and reply accordingly. 

2) With no premium processing currently, how much time does H1B Transfer take? And when is the good time to start working with the client?

3) To maintain a valid working status after STEM OPT, I have joined in Day-1 CPT college and currently working with it. Does this create any issue during H1B Transfer? or Do I have to mention this to client during Transfer process?

4) Is it good to go stamping with current employer or after the Transfer is done to the client?

Please help and would really appreciate! Thanks.

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I too some how have similar case.

I have approved H1B petition from Employer from last year 2016. My client is ready to provide me fulltime and ae ready for H1 transfer. My H1 B petition is approved but never stamped and used it. I am still in India. My Employer A is ok for me to go ahead with client offer. I just read that there are risks in refusing the H1 transfer by Employer B as it is never used.

Can someone please advise on this urgently? I am interested in the position.

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