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I work for a company Y which is a subsidiary of company X. I have been working for US government client from Y since last two years. My H1 was expiring on May 30 2017. My employer filed extension in March 2017. We haven't received receipt  till May 3 rd week. So my employer sent one more extension petition to USCIS from Y and as a back up he sent H1 transfer petition from X which is parent company of Y with same client and project..

We got receipt for the transfer petition on May 30th.

USCIS didn't accept my extension petition which was sent in March since there was wrong amount on check. But while returning they sent it to wrong address(to a company with similar name) so it went to Washington DC instead of Ohio. The company in Washington DC  has sent the returned petition to my employer in July.

Now I am asking my employer to resend my petition initially he said that attorney told him  we don't need to  worry later when I asked again he checked with attorney and said he will send the petition. Today he is saying he checked with HR and HR told him that we dont need to worry about the status, we will get transfer approved  as I work for government client and we have client letter.and HR don't want to send the extension there t would be risk of denial for both petitions. They are telling us to rely on transfer and leave the extension.  I am worried about my status since my I 94 already expired.

would you please suggest if we can send the petition since there was mistake of USCIS, they have returned my petition to wrong address.  



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