Incorrect "Rate Of Pay Per Year" in I-129 form


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I am planning to travel to India next month (Sept 11th) and I am eligible for drop box, So I requested my attorney to send me copy of I-129 so that i can complete DS-160. After reviewing I-129 , i found "Rate of Pay Per Year" is $30k more then my salary but the prevailing wage in LCA is $4k less then my current salary . When I emailed HR & Lawyer, they said it was a genuine clerical error and they are in a process of filing new Amendment with corrected salary. My current H1-B extension is approved till April-2020. 

When I spoke with the Lawyer about drop-box he said he would not recommend me to travel until Amendment is approved but since its dropbox, I might take a chance if travel is necessary. Since there is no Premium processing available now, if i wait for Amendment approval, it would take close to 6 months to get approval. 

  1. Is it okay for me to go for dropbox now ?
  2. Even though "Rate of Pay Per Year" in I-129 is more then my salary but Prevailing wage in LCA is less then what i get. Can i take the chance ?
  3. If I get called for interview, I can explain visa officer about the situation and show him the Amendment receipt. 

Any help is greatly appreciated. 

NOTE: From last 5 years, i am working for a mid sized company as FTE and immigration law firm that represents our company is one of the top firms. 

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