Travel on Tourist B1/B2 when having both H1b and B1/B2


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I have B1/B2 tourist visa and had travelled to us on this visa earlier on old passport.

I got my passport renewed and Now i got H1B visa also stamped with one employer. Visa officer has not cancelled B1/B2 visa on the passport

I have not joined this employer yet and not travelled to US on H1b yet.

I am planning to visit Usa for few week on B1/B2 tourist visa for tourism purpose.

Can i travel on B1/B2 tourist visa when also have H1B? is B1/B2 visa still valid along with H1b.

what should i say at port of immigration when the officer asks about H1B visa?

can i say that i have not yet joined the employer (as i havent joined them) and i m currently visiting for tourism purpose for few weeks on B1/B2 tourist visa

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