Successful Visa stamping - H1b to H4 EAD


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Hello Everyone,

Here's my experience in Hyderabad Consulate on 25th July 2017

VO: Am Canceling your H1B Visa

Me: ok

VO: How long were you on H1B Visa?

Me: 5 years

VO: Were you working on H1B?

Me: Yes

VO: Did you employer pay you on time?

Me: Yes

VO: Why did you change your status to H4?

Me: I lost my job when I was on H1, then I had an option to change my status to H4 so I applied for it.

VO: Is your Love marriage or Arranged marriage

Me: Love marriage

VO: Where did you meet your husband?

Me: Answered

VO: Who proposed first?

Me: Answered

VO: What does your husband do?

Me: Answered

VO: How much is his salary?

Me: Answered

VO: Where do you live?

Me: Answered

VO: Your Visa has been approved.

Received the email to Pick up the passport on July 27th.

Hope my experience helps!!

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